Design and installation – making dreams a reality.

Turn your property into what you imagine it should be to compliment the environment with our clever solution based path. We’ll design a look and feel that’s unique to your property, with an ambience that’s yours alone. Our arborists will bring creative design and technical know-how to your landscape, creating environments that enhance your properties’ value and create a lasting impression. Our team will help guide you in plant selection and placement based on the unique needs of your property. Factors like, available light, soil conditions, irrigation and drainage will be considered before we begin the design process.

We’ll walk you through the entire process from design phase, to site survey, to plant and tree selection, to installation to providing ongoing maintenance.

Our team is passionate about doing the best job possible for you, whether it’s installing a single tree, or designing and installing for an entire corporate campus. We always use Florida #1 top suppliers for our trees and plant material, ensuring that you’re getting the healthiest, heartiest is what’s going in the ground with our guarantee.

Whether it’s a small home upgrade, or a build for an entire community, or a site improvement, Sherlock Tree Company has the expertise, creativity and commitment to make your dream a reality.

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