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Sherlock Tree Company proudly serves our neighbors with professional tree care in and around Boca Raton. Since 1974, our team has grown to include five certified arborists and several crews serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties.

Whether you need a custom tree care maintenance plan for your home or large-scale commercial tree services, you can rely on the experts at Sherlock Tree Company to provide high-quality, professional tree services in Boca Raton, FL.

Pruning and Trimming

We offer professional pruning and trimming services for your trees, including palm trimming, using a bucket truck or climbing the tree using safety harnesses.

Pruning and trimming offer many benefits as part of a well-rounded tree health management plan. Regular trimming can keep trees healthy and vibrant, and palm trimming can prevent falling fronds from causing damage to structures below. We pride ourselves on the identification and resolution of structural defects to improve tree safety.

Different types of pruning offer distinct advantages, including:

  • Crown cleaning. Our professional arborists will identify dead, diseased, or crossing branches and remove the clutter, leaving healthy branches intact.
  • Crown raising (elevating). We will remove lower branches to improve clearance for walkways, buildings, and vehicles.
  • Crown reduction. We will prune back primary limbs and leaders to shrink the canopy on both the top and sides. Note that this is NOT the same thing as hat-racking, rounding over, or topping a tree!
  • Crown thinning. Our arborists will identify crowded areas in the canopy and selectively prune back branches to allow airflow and light penetration into the canopy. Thinning does not prune from the trunk, but focuses on the outer edges of the canopy.
  • Structural pruning. We isolate weaknesses in the canopy structure, including intertwined branches, weak branches, and waterspouts. We prune out these weak points for tree health management and to improve tree safety for the surrounding homes and businesses.

tree health management

Like all living things, trees need proper nutrition and can be susceptible to diseases or pest infestation. Let one of our certified arborists inspect your plants for a qualified tree and shrub disease diagnosis. We can help with insect identification for trees, shrubs, and landscape plants.


Sometimes your trees need an extra push. Nutritional deficiencies or pH imbalances can keep your plants from looking their best. We developed our fertilization formulas to replace missing nutrients in the soil and improve biological factors, so your trees and shrubs grow big, beautiful, and strong.

Insect and Disease Treatment

Our arborists diagnose diseases and identify insects on your trees, shrubs, and landscape plants. We prefer to use targeted insecticides to treat specific infestations, as some bugs are beneficial to plant health. A broad-spectrum insecticide would kill the good bugs along with the bad.

We also offer tree and shrub disease treatment and prevention. Once we diagnose a problem, we can determine the best course of action to treat any infected trees or shrubs. Then, we can use a range of methods to keep your plants healthy and able to fight off future infections or insect infestations.

Installation and Transplanting

Many cities in South Florida, including Boca Raton, require that you replace any tree on your property that you remove. You may also want to add a new tree or bush to your property, such as privacy hedges, fruit trees, or a broad-canopy tree species to provide shade.

Whether you want to install a new tree, transplant a tree to a different spot in your yard, or move a tree from your old house to your new one, our certified arborists can help. Our four-step process makes it easy.

  • Site Survey. We’ll observe light, irrigation, and yard grading and test your soil to determine the best locations to plant a tree in your yard.
  • Tree Selection. Based on our survey results, we can help you choose the best species of tree or shrub to plant in your desired location. If you already know what species you want, we can recommend the best site to plant it.
  • Planting. We plant trees according to ISA recommendations and ANSI A300 planting standards.
  • Ongoing Maintenance. Young or newly transplanted trees need proper care to settle into their new surroundings. We’ll work with you to create a maintenance schedule that fits your budget for tree health management, including fertilization and tree and shrub disease prevention.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Never attempt tree removal yourself, as it can be dangerous to both you and surrounding structures or people. Plus, if the tree you remove has diseases or pests, you may spread the infection to your healthy trees if you cut the tree down improperly or drag the tree across your property to remove it.

Let one of our certified arborists determine the best method of tree removal for hazardous (e.g., dead, dying, or damaged) trees on your property. Other reasons to remove a tree include if it’s too close to your home or if the roots lift the sidewalk concrete and create a tripping hazard. We also offer stump grinding as an option with our tree removal service.

Tree Safety and Storm Preparation

Our team can help you get your trees ready for hurricane season with hurricane preparedness and hurricane damage prevention steps. Let us secure trees on your property with cabling and bracing for large limbs and pre-emptive pruning to remove areas that are structurally unsound.

Did You Know?

Broward County requires all tree pruning and trimming companies to have a Tree Trimming License. At Sherlock Tree Company, we take local regulations seriously. You can check our license here (it's # A-1205).

Sherlock in Boca Raton

Owners Jeff and Jon both live in Boca Raton. Home to many shopping, dining, and natural attractions, Boca Raton offers residents (and our many visitors!) a range of ways to spend a day out shopping or an evening of entertainment. The area also offers several boating opportunities out of the inlet. Some of our team's favorite places in the Boca Raton area include:

  • Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  • Sugar Sand Park
  • Mizner Park
  • Boca Center
  • FAU Stadium
  • TwentyTwenty Grille
  • Farmer’s Table
  • The Boca Beach House

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At Sherlock Tree Company, we enjoy serving our neighbors in Boca Raton. Our highly-qualified team loves what we do using our I-CARE values framework.

Our qualifications include:

Five ISA Certified Arborists

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accredited

Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP)

Broward County Tree Trimmer License (No. A-1205)

General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

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