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Tree removal is a delicate and dangerous task. Fortunately, our team of arborists are experts in the safe and efficient removal of trees. Our first goal is to maintain the health and beauty of your trees, but we recognize there are instances when removal is the only viable option. Dead and dying trees, those that have become a safety hazard, the need to provide clearance for home additions, allowing more light and space so that other plants can grow and thrive, are all reasons for removal


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Why Remove a Tree?

The decision to cut down a tree isn't always an easy one, but there are times when tree removal is truly the best option. If you're experiencing any of the situations below, give us a call - we'll let you know if the tree should be removed or whether it can possibly be saved.

A Safety Hazard

Hurricanes, flooding, and lightning strikes often damage trees to the point that they pose a significant safety hazard to property and people. In those cases, the tree has to go.

Time for a Change

Trees can sometimes outgrow their space or start to look out of place. Maybe they create too much shade, drop leaves in your pool, have too many roots, block the view, or just don't fit your landscape any more.

Dead or Dying

A dead or dying tree causes a hazardous situation as it continues to deteriorate, whether that's due to pests, diseases, enivronmental factors, or just a slow decline from old age.


Nearby construction can severely damage or kill a tree if it's not properly protected, and sometimes a tree must be removed to make way for new landscaping, patio, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

Blocking Access

Sometimes, trees grow so large (or in unexpected directions) that they block access to a road, sideway, drive, walkway, patio or deck, and pruning alone cannot clear the way.

Planted Too Close

Trees that are growing too close together can crowd and harm other nearby trees, while those growing near your home or other structures can damage roofs, siding, utility lines, vents, air conditioning units, and more.

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Tree Removal Options

Based on the condition of the tree, where it's located, and what's surrounding it, our tree removal experts will choose the best tree removal method for the situation.

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    Climb & Cut

    This method of tree removal involves having an experienced tree climber ascend the tree and cut it into pieces that can be gently and securely lowered to the ground.

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    Bucket Truck

    For trees that can be easily reached with a bucket truck, our tree removal experts will stay securely in the bucket while cutting the tree and lowering pieces to the ground.

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    Sometimes a tree is located in a very tight space, cannot be reached from a bucket truck, or is too unsafe to be climbed. In those situations, we access the tree and lift out the cut pieces using a crane.

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What About the Stump?

Stump Grinding Services

You'll Never Even Know the Stump Was There!

After the tree is removed, you may want to consider grinding the tree stump to remove that as well. We offer optional tree stump grinding services to all our tree removal customers.


It's a tripping hazard

It's ugly!

It attracts pests

It can regrow

It takes up valuable space

It can spread diseases

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The Sherlock Approach to Tree Removal

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    Safety Always Comes First

    Tree removal requires a great deal of expertise to be done safely. Tight spaces, power lines, and proximity to the structure are just some of the issues tree removal teams must be prepared for. Our certified arborists are highly trained to safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes in all situations, and all work is monitored by a Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP).

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    Tread Lightly

    We strive to have as little impact as possible on the surrounding landscape and we'll clean up after, leaving the area spotless.

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    Stump Grinding

    After the tree has been safely removed, you'll be left with a tree stump. Stumps can be a hazard and are usually an eyesore, so many people prefer to remove the stump as well. We have the equipment and stump grinding experts who can easily take care of it for you.

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FAQs About Tree Removal

What You Need to Know

The process of getting a tree removed can be fascinating to watch (or scary, when done by an inexperienced or untrained crew!) but before you decide to have your tree cut down, you probably have some questions about the timing, process, and more. Below are answers to the questions we're most often asked but it you have a different question, just give us a call!

We always do our best to protect your landscape during any type of tree work. For example, we place special mats on the ground to distribute the weight of our heavy equipment.

Our estimator will discuss potential issues with you during the initial site visit so you understand what might happen. 

A tree is cut off at the base. If the tree is growing on your property then yes, we will need to be physically on your property to remove it.

We prefer to meet with you prior to starting work to make sure we all agree on exactly what's being done and the expected outcome. Plus, we love meeting our customers! 

However, if you've already had a good conversation with our arborist and are not able to be present while work is being done, we can proceed with removal work with your approval - and as long as we have access to where the tree is growing.

We're lucking in South Florida to have a climate that allows tree removal to be done at any time of year. Whenever you're ready to take down a tree, just give us a call!

Topping (also called hatracking) does not make a tree smaller. Although it may initially look smaller, a topped tree responds by quickly putting out a LOT of new, weakly attached (unsafe) growth. You'll be trapped in a vicious cycle of having to cut off more and more of your tree every year to try to keep it small - and the tree will push out more growth every year until it runs out of energy and dies.

We do not top trees. No ISA Certified Arborist engages in this outdated and ineffective "pruning" method (except under a few very specific and uncommon circumstances).

Tree removal isn't as simple as many people think, especially in tight quarters and near areas with lots of people.

Hiring a fully-insured, licensed, certified arborist at a TCIA Accredited company will give you the best chance of a trouble-free, efficient, and safe removal (learn why here >>). Not surprisingly, this type of company will charge more to remove your tree than will an uninsured, unlicensed, inexperienced person or company.

We charge $250/hour for tree removal or a standard daily rate of $2,000. Most trees can be removed in a day or less, depending on their size, condition, and location.

In South Florida, all HOA's require authorization before you can cut down a tree - whether that's on common property or your own. Check your CCRs and management company for details before you book a tree removal service.

Most cities in South Florida require a tree removal permit. Call our office at 954-788-4000 to see what the requirements are in your city. We'll even help you get the necessary permit before work is done.

The type and size of power line dictates how we will approach performing the work. Our skilled tree removal team can often work safely near lower voltage power lines (such as those running to your house) if there's sufficient space. But lines running through a large tree may require a different approach.

One of our Certified Arborists will examine the tree and power lines to determine whether we can safely remove it in the available space, or whether we need to coordinate with the local power company to have power temporarily disconnected.

Wood chips from stump grinding can be removed or left in a pile on your property. You can discuss options during your meeting with our estimator and we'll write it into the proposal. 

We clean up all debris, including branches and other tree parts, and remove them from your property.

We're always available to our tree removal customers to come back and remove the stump at a later date. Because we'll have to mobilize our team and equipment a second time, be aware that the cost will be somewhat higher than if you have the stump removed at the same time as the tree.

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