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Keep Your Trees Healthy and Looking Their Best

We'll monitor your landscape, trees, and soils for signs of distress and implement preventive measures that head off problems before they occur.

A tree’s health is not only managed through regular pruning and maintenance, it's important to protect it from pests and disease and make sure it has all the proper nutrients to ensure long-term vitality.

The ISA Certified Arborists at Sherlock Tree Company have an incredible depth of knowledge and are on the cutting edge of how to best treat any threats to your trees’ health.

Sherlock's Tree Health Management team offers services that can do the following:

  • Proactively protect your trees from pests or disease
  • Actively help solve an existing pest problem or disease
  • Solve issues, such as fruit production, aphid honeydew
  • Provide the tree with additional nutrients to help it thrive

A small investment in long-term, proactive tree and shrub health care treatments can help your trees live longer, healthier lives while protecting people and properties from unsafe situations.

Yellowing Leaves? Poor Growth? Unhealthy Trees?

Fertilization Can Enhance the Health and Appearance of Your Trees

The health of every plant depends on the health of the soil in which it's rooted, including the availability of soil nutrients, organic matter, and living micro-organisms. However, these can be depleted over time and through poor landscaping practices, compromising the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs.

Our fertilization programs are designed to replace lost nutrients and improve biological activity in the soil.

Many recently-planted trees, as well as those under stress from weather or environmental conditions, pests, or disease, will benefit from a well-designed fertilization program.

Insect Pests? Disease Problems?

Diagnosis, Prevention & Effective Treatments to Control problems

Trees and shrubs in South Florida are affected by many naturally occurring diseases and destructive insect pests that can be detrimental to their health, or even lethal. Before these issues can be addressed, it's important to correctly diagnose the problem. Only then can the right treatments and prevention plans be put in place to save your plants.

The Certified Arborists at Sherlock Tree Company can diagnose what disease(s) may be present and recommend options to help keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

Tree Health Solutions

Infestation identification and remediation

Code compliance

Root pruning

Root barriers

Tree safety

The Sherlock Approach to Optimal Tree Health

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    A Thorough Site Inspection

    Each site visit by our ISA Certified Arborists begins with a thorough site inspection to evaluate existing tree and shrub health conditions and emerging or potential problems.

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    Personalized Recommendations

    Our programs are never a "one size fits all" approach. Instead, our recommendations are customized for the unique needs of your trees and shrubs, the growing conditions on your property, and a professional diagnosis of what your plants need to regain or maintain optimal health.

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    Targeted Applications

    Spraying or treating all trees and shrubs on the property is only rarely necessary. By first completing a site inspection, we're able to treat only the affected plants, saving you money and avoiding any unnecessary chemicals being added to the environment.

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Fertilization & Soil Health

Healthy trees, palms, shrubs, and turf are better able to withstand pest attacks, infections, and weather stress. By providing the right nutrients and growing conditions, we'll keep your plants healthy.


Our experts analyze your landscape to evaluate its health before recommending a plan to enhance its appearance and vigor.


Our full-service fertilization program includes semi-annual applications to keep plants green and growing all year, as well as spot treatments whenever needed.


Plant health is about much more than just adding nutrients. Compost, mulch, bio-stimulants, and other organic amendments bring the soil to life.


We only use top-quality fertilizers and supplements from nationally-recognized companies that champion the success of their products.


We understand the delicate balance of applying fertilizers at the proper rate and the right time of year for the best results.


If you prefer, we can apply natural and organic-based fertilizers and soil amendments that "feed" the soil, not just your plants.

* Pest, disease, and soil nutrition programs are implemented by the experts at Maximum Pest & Fertilization.

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Site inspections, plant health evaluations, pest and disease diagnosis, treatment plans, and complete management and maintenance programs

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Insect & Disease Management

Pest- and disease-free trees and landscapes don't just look better - they're also safer, less expensive to care for, and add to the value of your property.


Our experts provide regular inspections of your trees and landscape to proactively identify any infestations or infections before they become a problem.


Our ISA Certified Arborists are familiar with the many insects, animal pests, and diseases that attack trees in South Florida. We'll quickly diagnose what's wrong with your trees and recommend an effective treatment.


Based on the overall health of your landscape, the types of trees and plants, time of year, weather, and other factors, we tailor your program to treat the specific disease and pest problems currently present or likely to occur.


Rather than indiscriminately spraying your entire property, we target only the affected areas to avoid over-application of chemicals and pesticides.


Contrary to popular belief, "more" is not "better" when it comes to insect and disease treatment. We use enough to be effective without overdoing it, thereby keeping your costs down and minimizing the risk of pests and pathogens developing resistance to treatment.


If you prefer, we can apply natural and organic-based materials, or other reduced-risk materials, to treat specific pests and diseases.

* Pest, disease, and soil nutrition programs are implemented by the experts at Maximum Pest & Fertilization.

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Site inspections, plant health evaluations, pest and disease diagnosis, treatment plans, and complete management and maintenance programs