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We help you develop long-term, proactive plans to manage your trees

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Budgets & Planning to Reduce Expensive & Unexpected Tree Work

We help you develop long-term, proactive plans to manage your trees

Customized plans tailored to YOUR needs

Multi-year budget and tree management plans to avoid future tree-related headaches

Assistance with developing long-term tree maintenance budgets for individual properties and communities

Identification of potential hazards that should be addressed to protect you from avoidable liabilities

Development of maintenance schedules designed to preserve the health, safety, beauty, and value of each tree

Regardless of the size or type of your property, a long-term plan can be a game-changer when it comes to budgeting and maintenance. We're here to help you preserve the value and aesthetic appeal of your property with a well-designed plan that's fully customized to match your budget and deliver the outcomes you need.

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What Sets Sherlock Apart?

It's always good to have a dependable, knowledgeable tree service company you can call on when you need tree work. But it's even better to have one who'll help you plan ahead to meet your property's tree care needs while minimizing costs and potential liability exposure.

Why Sherlock Tree Company?

Punctual & Reliable

Responsive & Flexible

Experienced Professionals

Safe & Efficient

General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

ISA Certified Arborists

Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP)

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

Broward County Tree Trimmer License (No. A-1205)

The Sherlock Approach to Tree Care Planning

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    Be Proactive

    Responding to a tree care emergency after the fact can quickly blow your budget and lead to unnecessary property damage. By proactively planning for the ongoing needs of every tree on your property, we can develop a schedule that ensures their long-term vitality and value.

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    Not all tree work is of equal importance. When we begin working with you, we first look for any potential risks or failures that need immediate attention. Safety is always priority #1 and these issues will be addressed first.

    We also consider your needs and goals for the property, budget, and timeframe to help us put together a maintenance and management plan for the next few years. By taking care of the most urgent tree work first, we can more accurately predict and plan for ongoing maintenance needs and budgets.

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    Our goal is to preserve the health and beauty of your trees, stay within your budget, and maintain the value of your property. Small, consistent investments in proactive tree care management help trees remain healthy, valuable assets within your landscape. Proper maintenance and care can help avoid dangerous and costly emergencies in the future, and prevent the need for tree removals and replacements.

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