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Proactive Solutions For Your HOA's Tree Care Issues

Tree and shrub pruning to improve aesthetic appeal and ensure safety

Side-trimming to widen access along roads and pathways

Tree removal to eliminate safety hazards, improve views, etc.

Installation of trees, shrubs, and landscape plantings

Diagnosis and treatment of harmful insect, pest, and disease problems

Emergency storm response

Vegetation management to minimize safety risks and improve appearances

Consulting and planning to help reduce maintenance costs and avoid unforeseen expenses

Why Sherlock Tree Company?

We specialize in serving HOAs of all sizes with the expertise and professionalism they expect and deserve.

Our certified arborists lead a team of experts that will keep your community looking its best. We use the most modern equipment, adhere to national standards for tree care (ANSI A300 standards), and follow stringent safety protocols at all times.

Offices in West Palm Beach and Broward County.

Some of our Customers

Tivoli Lakes

Boynton Beach

Pine Ridge at Delray Beach

Banyan Springs

Boynton Beach

BallenIsles Community Association

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Your Tree Care Partner

Working with Sherlock Tree Company is a partnership with one primary goal - to make your life easier. We're here to help solve your tree care headaches and keep your HOA safe and looking its best.

A Trusted Resource

We're always there for you when you need us

  • We serve as a resource not only for you and your team, but can also be available for meetings and presentations with your boards and homeowners.

  • We're there to help ensure continuity of care and information management when boards turn over.

Risk Management

We help you identify and mitigate potential liabilities to keep your current and future homeowners safe

  • We proactively remove broken branches or dead/dying trees that could pose a risk to passersby or residents
  • With frequent monitoring, we quickly identify and treat any pests or diseases that could spread to neighboring trees or compromise their health and safety 

Budget Management

Stay on top of ongoing costs and ensure sufficient funds for unexpected tree care events

  • Reserve studies management

Regular Maintenance

Every property is special - and we treat it that way

  • Through proactive pruning, regular maintenance, and careful tree health management, we support the health and beauty of your trees to increase curb appeal for current and future homeowners

Long-Term Planning

Not everything needs to be done today - we'll help you plan ahead.

  • Our program begins with an on-site visit by one of our HOA consultants to identify any immediate concerns, such as dead or dying trees, broken limbs that could pose hazards, or tree roots damaging sidewalks.
  • This is followed by an itemized summary of issues with priorities and suggested timeframes assigned to each.
  • Our tree care findings can then be matched to your HOA tree budget and broken into annual phases.
  • We offer a 12-month payment plan, when needed, to allow a larger amount of work to be completed in a short period of time while still remaining affordable.

Sherlock Tree Company is very responsive and knowledgeable, tidy and has had NO damage to homeowners garden lights and garden ornaments. All of the men climb and clean up. They have compact efficient powerhouse crews that are well orchestrated. Their pricing is very fair. Communication has been great. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Alexis Smith
Director of Landscaping
Ballenlsles Community Association

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