When Should I Call an Arborist for Help With My Trees?

One of the great things about trees is that they are relatively low-maintenance. They just need:

  • the right amount of water and nutrients,
  • to be planted correctly and in the right location,
  • regular maintenance and pruning,
  • and prevention from stress, pests, and diseases

Many of these tasks can be taken care of by a homeowner or property owner, but others require a professional’s assistance.

In this article, we will go over some instances when calling a tree professional or arborist is necessary.

What’s the difference between a tree professional and an arborist?

The terms “tree professional” and “arborist” may be used interchangeably, but when we talk about an arborist we are usually referring to a Certified Arborist, someone who has studied, trained, and earned their certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Sherlock Tree also has a Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) on staff and is one of the few Florida tree companies to be TCIA Accredited.

We have the correct licenses to operate in South Florida and both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Learn more about why qualifications, certifications, and the proper insurance are important when choosing a tree care company >>

When we say it’s time to call an arborist or tree professional, we mean one with the appropriate:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Safety training
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Insurance

A Sherlock Tree crew member wears protective gear as he uses a chainsaw to cut a section of a removed tree.

When to call an arborist for your trees

1. Contact an arborist when you can’t easily prune your trees from the ground

As long as you prune correctly, pruning an occasional branch that is blocking a walkway is not an issue, but only if you remain on the ground. Any time you need to get out a ladder, your chances of injury increase.

Many tree canopies cannot be reached even by use of a ladder, which is why at Sherlock Tree Company, we have equipment such as bucket trucks to help us reach even the tallest of trees. Our tree climbers are skilled at using ropes to ascend tall heights to prune large trees as well.

Proper pruning involves pruning a tree to maintain or improve its health while considering the environment around it. There are several pruning cuts that can harm your trees and encourage disease, while a proper pruning cut will allow the pruning cut to heal properly. Most property owners are not familiar with proper pruning techniques and thus can harm the tree rather than hurt it.

Sherlock Tree has the skills, knowledge, and experience to prune your South Florida trees correctly and quickly, saving you time and aggravation.

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2. Contact an arborist when your tree is showing signs of distress

Trees that are stressed from heat, lack of watering, overwatering, salt damage, or other environmental issues often show symptoms that can look very similar.

When a professional diagnosis is needed to determine what ails your tree and what steps can be taken to improve its health, someone who is familiar with different issues, tree types, and solutions can be an asset.

Our tree health professionals at Sherlock Tree Company will be able to assess your trees, diagnose the issue or issues, and suggest remedies or treatments.

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3. Contact an arborist when your tree is suffering from an insect pest or disease

Just as with stressors to your tree, many signs, and symptoms of tree pests and tree diseases can look similar. Contacting a professional to properly diagnose the issue is important to make sure that you know what you are dealing with.

Arborists and plant health care professionals also have applications such as sprays and injections to prevent, control, or treat pest and disease issues. Many of these applications are only available to professionals and not to the general public.

Preventative care is one of the best things you can do for your trees. An arborist will know the pests and diseases that are wreaking havoc on trees in our areas and will be able to advise you if any of the trees on your property are at future risk and what steps you can take to save your trees.

When it comes to tree pests and diseases, Sherlock Tree Company is able to diagnose, prevent, treat, and control most of the issues common in South Florida. For new and emerging diseases (many are being discovered all the time or are moving into our area), we are always up to date on the latest information, treatment options, and signs of infestation or disease.

Learn more about our Insect & Disease Management programs >>

A Sherlock tree climber ascends a tree that is surrounded by many other trees in South Florida.

4. Contact an arborist when your tree needs to be removed

Tree removals are one of the most dangerous parts of our job, and we have the equipment, knowledge, and experience of working in tree removals on our side. We never recommend that a property owner remove a tree on their own, and there are many “guys with a chainsaw” who may promise to get the job done cheaply, but they often run into issues without the proper safety training and equipment that tree professionals such as Sherlock Tree have.

Every tree removal is different and comes with its own set of difficulties. Muddy ground, decaying trees, close proximity to buildings, roads, or powerlines, damaged sections of trees, trees that are hard to access, and hillsides can all add to the challenges of removing a tree.

Contact Sherlock Tree if you have a tree (or multiple trees) that needs to be removed. After your tree is safely and quickly removed, we can also grind your stump so that almost no trace of the tree is left.

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5. Contact an arborist when your trees were damaged due to a storm

Tropical storms, thunderstorms, strong winds, and hurricanes can all damage trees. After the extreme weather has subsided, removing any damaged sections of a tree (or the entire tree if it fell or is uprooted) and cleaning up the area is a big job that also carries a lot of risks.

In fact, most injuries related to storm damage happen after the fact. According to a Mayo Clinic emergency medicine physician:

“Many of the injuries we see spike are those related to storm cleanup and exploration after the storm, including lacerations, puncture wounds, falls, and chainsaw injuries.

Once again, a professional tree crew has the knowledge, equipment, and experience with storm damage cleanup to know how to remove the hazards without additional damage or injury.

Contact Sherlock Tree if you have damage from a storm. If any of your trees sat in flood waters for an extended period of time, learn how to help your flooded trees recover.

6. Contact an arborist when your trees are in a hard-to-reach or dangerous location

Professional tree equipment comes in handy when trees are in difficult locations. Items like pole pruners, bucket trucks, and other professional arborist equipment allow us to reach trees despite the challenging circumstances. Our tree climbers are also able to climb most trees.

7. Contact an arborist if you notice any of these signs on your trees

    1. A tilt or lean to your tree (especially if it was growing straight before)
    2. Broken or heaving soil around your tree
    3. Large or deep cracks in your tree, especially if the tree is multi-trunked
    4. Damaged bark
    5. Broken or hanging branches
    6. Signs of decay
    7. Lack of leaves
    8. Mushrooms, especially near the base of the tree
    9. Root issues
    10. Any other symptom that can point to tree decay, disease, lack of structural support, insect pests, or other issues

The professionals at Sherlock Tree can also assist with tree installation, cabling and bracing, commercial services, and more.

A Sherlock Tree employee prunes a tree over a South Florida home using a bucket truck.

Contact the professionals at Sherlock Tree Company

With all of these reasons to call an arborist, why delay? No matter the type of tree you have, the tree’s location, or the health of the tree, we may be able to help.

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